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Dating escorts in Berkshire

Many international business men visit Berkshire to do business, but an equal amount of business travelers visit berkshire to go out on dates with Berkshire escorts particularly the sexy one from Here at the Better Sex offices we were wondering why so many business travelers and business men fly into London just to date London escorts.

We sent out our reporter Tittiana Nilsson to find out why so many business men from all over the world enjoy dating London escorts. Tittiana discreetly interviewed a few, and here is what they had to say:

Tariq from Dubai:

I love dating escorts in Berkshire just because they are so much fun to be with. This city offers so many pleasures that I just love spending time here. It is a lot colder than Dubai but the girls are a lot more warm hearted.

Whenever I am in London I just love visiting with my favorite girls to take them shopping or treat them right, Quite often we also go out to the theater, and many of the escorts I date also enjoy the opera.

I have my own apartment here so it is easy for me to entertain my dates. My chef is happy to prepare meals for the ladies, and sometimes we have just as much fun staying indoors watching movies. Living in London is very easy for me, and I also escape the terrible heat of Dubai. In the summer it is so hot that I find it difficult to cope. Normally at the beginning of June I leave Dubai, and come to London.

Sam from New York:

I love dating London escorts because they are such classy ladies. When I am in New York I date escorts as well but they always seem to be in such a rush. London escorts have more time for you, and they are a lot more considerate as well. It is like having a lot of friends in one place.

We go out for dinners and always try to catch the latest movies. I also find that the range of services the girls offer are better as well. There is more of a variety, and I feel I have more freedom of choice.

The girls also come from allover the world, and it is only in London I have been able to date many different nationalities. London does have a strong international feel, and I love all the different cuisines and lifestyles which seem to have found their way here.

On top of that, I enjoy the London parks. On a lovely summer’s day there is nothing better than relaxing with a sexy companion on a picnic blanket.

It was really nice of the guys to give us their time and tell us why they enjoy dating escorts in London. Many men do come to London for the specific purposes of dating London escorts, and a lot of them do talk about how friendly the girls are. They also seem to appreciate the cultural diversity, and all the different services which London escorts offer.