Are they the sexiest escorts in town?

I know that lots of people are trying to promote recently sprung up escorts agencies in London. They are saying that they are better, or as good as, Mayfair escorts. I am afraid that I don’t agree with them at all. The argument can be heard in many pubs and bars in London, but I have to say that I do not agree. I still think that the girls in Mayfair in London are some of the hottest and sexiest escorts in London. Yes, you may pay a bit more but it is worth every cent, sorry penny, that you pay for the company of these girls.

When ever I have some time to spare in London, I always make sure that I spend a couple of hours in the company of the hot babes of Mayfair. The truth is that not all gents can afford to date Mayfair escorts, but I am in the fortunate position to be able to do. Besides, if you look around a little bit, you will find that not all of the escorts in Mayfair charge a fortune. If you are out in plenty of time, you will be able to find some hot dates at more reasonable prices/

The last day I visited London, I was fortunate enough to enjoy a date with one of the hottest Mayfair escorts that I had ever met. Her name was Amanda, and we just had a great time together. We started the evening with a drink, and after that we went back to her place for some personal time. There is no other way of putting. my Amanda was really hot and the next time I am in London, I will do my utmost to see her again. I hope that she will still be with the same agency.

However, if you can’t find my Amanda, don’t worry. All of the girls are just as hot and I have not met a Mayfair escort who has let me down. The simple truth is that if you want to have some sophisticated adult fun in London, you really need to find yourself a hot date at Mayfair escorts. A lot of Americans are a bit reluctant to date in London as they think the girls are too different from American escorts. The girls may not pose as provocatively as American escorts in their photos, but they are every bit as hot.

What I like more than anything about dating Mayfair escorts, is that you get a chance to enjoy different dating styles. Most of the girls who work in Mayfair come from all over the world. On one date, you may be able to enjoy the company of a hot Polish girl, and on another date, you will be able to enjoy the company of a hot Brazilian girl. Believe me, I have dated around the world in Mayfair and met some of the hottest women in the world without having to leave London! Perhaps, you should try it for yourself.

Porn stars are over rated

We have had some girls who claim to be porn stars join our London escorts agency, and I think that they are way too over rated. Okay, they look sexy but I am not sure that they fit in. Very few gents at our agency would probably be interested in dating porn stars, and they prefer regular London escorts. The funny thing is, I cannot find these girls in any movies so perhaps their porn star careers were very short lived in more ways than one. Maybe they did not even get to be onset, some porn stars are just what they call fluffers.

The socalled porn stars at our London escorts service have had loads of enhancements. Some of the girls here think they look pretty gross and I have to say that I would agree with them. It is obvious that they have had their lips down, and they just don’t look natural anymore. They all have those great big fats lips, and most of the girls here at VIP escorts in London agencies, are completely natural. It is just like they don’t fit in somehow, and that is not good for business at all. It will be interesting to see how many dates they get.

I am not so sure that local gents who use our London escorts service, will be too turned on by them. The local gents around here are sort of classy and seem to want to meet classy ladies. There is no way they are going to want to date girls who look cheap or tarty in any way. I am afraid that these so called top London escorts do just that. I can personally now see what turns so men chaps away from enhanced women and all of the ladies here look really nice when compared to them.

Are they going to stay? I have these funny feeling that the so called porn stars careers at VIP London escorts will be short lived. If, they last a couple of months they will be lucky but I am not so sure that they are even going to do that. I hate to say it, but I think the boss will be looking for some new London escorts before too long, and that is all I have to say. Hopefully, he will try to recruit some regular girls next time, and that will be better for all of us.

Really, these girls do just want to work as London escorts as they do not have any other income. I am not intimidated by them and neither is any of the girls here at the agency. We are just going to take things a day at a time and see how they go. For now, they have only had a few dates and it seems that us regular girls are still more popular than they are. If, they do last, it will be down to all of the foreign gents who use our agency as I am sure the locals do not want to date that lot!

Who uses Woolwich escorts?

There has always been some kind of escorts service in the Woolwich area, however, Delight Woolwich escorts from has taken it to a new level. The agency was set up about two years ago by a lady called Sue. She has a lot of experience in the escorts industry, and used to date as VIP and elite escort in central London. When she retired, she went back to Woolwich to look after her mom and subsequently started the Woolwich escort agency. The aim is to provide a quality service to gents in the local area and to cater for other needs at the same time.

Woolwich Escorts

Gorgeouse Woolwich Escorts

Sue is a very enterprising lady and does not only own Woolwich escorts. She is also the proud owner of a lap dance club and pole dance club in Woolwich. She says that she decided to expand the business as she saw what was happening in Soho. They are trying to clean up Soho and a lot of businesses have been forced to close due to higher business rates says, Sue. It is sad but I know that many local chaps used to visit Soho at the weekends. Now, they can stay right here in Woolwich to enjoy themselves, adds Sue.

One of the most popular service from Woolwich escorts during the summer has been party girls. Needless to say a lot of weddings take place during the summer and this means stag parties. Our girls have been doing an excellent job in catering for all of these parties and to be honest, says Sue, we could do with more party girls. I have to remember that and see if I can find some more hot ladies after the summer madness is over here in London, laughs Sue. You wouldn’t have thought that this place could get so busy during summer, but it does.

We also cater for what I call different needs through the Woolwich escorts service. I know that people’s outlook on life is changing and they have different needs. Our escorts for couples service has really taken off and I know have a few ladies specializing in this service. I didn’t expect the service to be very popular in this part of London, but for some reason it has really taken of. I have been told that we have quite an active swinger’s community and perhaps this is the reason why. Anyway, my girls are doing well with the service.

For the future I will certainly be adding another party girl team to Woolwich escorts but I am also looking into a dominatrix service. It sounds like a good idea, and I think that a lot of the locals chaps will like. We have been asked for it on many occasions. I hate losing out on business, says Sue, so I am going to be looking for a good dominatrix and set up a studio somewhere. It will not be an independent contractor, everything will be provided by me, says Sue with a lot of determination.

What I dream about at night

Can you remember your dreams? Most people say that they cannot remember their dreams. How hard they try, the claim that by the time they wake up in the morning, their dreams are gone. My problem is the opposite, I cannot forget my dreams and they keep coming back to me night after night. They are always about my favorite Richmond escorts, and they can sometimes be disturbing. When I wake up, I expect my dream girls to be there, but they never are. I feel frustrated and my loins ache, it is hard to be away from my dream girls. The wait to see them again seems endless.

Maria is one of the hottest escorts that I have ever met at Richmond escorts. She is always featured in my dreams, and is almost always the escorts who starts the fun. As soon as I close my eyes, my dream starts and Maria comes to me. She is dressed in black, and wear thigh high boots. Sometimes her outfit changes but not very often. Her well endowed 34E’s pick out from her top, and for some reason she never wears any knickers. Her bottom is always bare, and I can see that she is completely clean.

Maria is soon joined by one of the other hot girls from Richmond escorts. Tina is normally the second girl to appear. She is a hot blonde who loves to tease. Somehow she is the girl who always manages to come up with crazy new ideas for us to try. Her favorite hobby is toy collecting, and she has an amazing array of toys that she always bring with her into my dreams. Maria is her best friend, and you can say that the two best friends like to have good time together. They do seem to get off on each other in the best sort of way.

Pearl is the third girl who makes a regular appearance. A former black Kingston escort, her dark skin shines next to the white skin of Maria and Tina. She is another hot date from Richmond escorts, and just loves to join in the action in my dreams. In my dreams, someone is always receiving attention. Maria orchestrates it all, and tells us who deserves the attention tonight. It is our job to please that person. If we don’t do our job right,Maria punishes us and we have to please her as well.

My dream girls from Richmond escorts may not be real in my dreams but when I visit them, they certainly are. These girls are the hottest and sexiest vixens in south London, and they always keep me on my toes. My biggest dream of them all, is to get them altogether. I wish that I would have the guts to tell Maria, and I would love them all to be my surprise birthday date. What else could a man wish for on his birthday? Hot action from three lovely beauties would be enough for any man… wouldn’t it?

West London escorts

Angela used to work as part of a premier West London escorts agency, and only retired recently to concentrate on love and marriage. However, Angela did not want to give up the West London escorts service altogether, so she started her own agency called

Many escorts who like to concentrate on love and marriage end up leaving the industry but Angela had no wish to do so at all. Instead she sat down and came up with different ideas, and the one she favored most was starting her own West London escorts agency. This would enable her to still keep her toes in the water but at the same time enjoy the industry which she had worked in for such as long time.

Transitioning between working as West London escorts and being a wife is not always easy, and it is better if there is a period where you can take stock. Angela is not saying that her escorts agency is her forever business but it certainly offers the perfect stop gap for her. It gives her the opportunity to have a short transitional period before she decides if she wants to leave the escorts industry altogether.

Many escorts do not want to leave the escorts industry at all but find that they can’t juggle a permanent private relationship, and their many business relationships. Angela told the Better Sex Guide that for many escorts there comes a time where they need to sit down, and decide if they want to stay in the industry or leave.

Most escorts that she has spoken to do not have any back up plans when it comes to retirement or exiting the industry. Leaving the industry often comes as a sudden shock, and you often lose touch with what has been a big part of your life. It is tough to work as an escort says Angela, and many leading West London escorts compare to a flowering period. All of a sudden you fade away, and there is nothing left for you within the industry.

This is not really good for anybody, and the best way forward is to ensure that you have transitional period where you break with your lifestyle, and move on. Moving on, or breaking off with a certain lifestyle, should never been done overnight as it is too much of a shock to the system.

Angela’s lovely husband, a former porn movie director, understands her dilemma and fully supports her. He thinks that many other escorts should try to go down Angela’s route and find a way of not breaking off suddenly. You may lose your friends, and you will most certainly lose something which has been part of your life for a considerable length of time.

Leaving the escorts industry can be soul destroying, and many of the girls say that they feel they let their colleagues down by leaving. However, just like any other job, there must come a time when you move and explore new exciting avenues.

Living and dating in Croydon

Croydon is one of those places it can be quite exciting to live and date in. It has quite a vibrant communities and all of the local Croydon escorts agencies have a rather ethnic feel to them. Many of the agencies have ladies from all over the world, so dating in Croydon can be really exciting. One of the advantages of living in Croydon, is that the town is really close to Gatwick airport. A lot of recently divorced airport staff and airlines pilots take advantage of this and buy homes here. It is easy for them to get into work.

Of course it goes without saying that this influx of professional staff need to have back up services as well. There is an excellent restaurant district in Croydon and you can literally eat your way around the world, However, the standards of the local Indian restaurants are beyond excellent and most single gents frequent them a lot. But, Croydon is also full of sports clubs and easy to get to supermarkets. Everything a discerning divorced gent would need to make his life more comfortable. On top of that, you will find that many of the local Croydon escorts agencies also provide an excellent service.

love and emotion you can find here at croydon escorts

love and emotion you can find here at croydon escorts

Not very long ago, a lot of Croydon escorts used to complain that they were mainly working in and around Gatwick airports. However, in the last three years this has changed a lot. Many of the local hot babes now also look after gents resident in the local community and provide both regular outcall and incall services to them. As a result the local girls have had to increase their range of services and the most popular service is now the massage service with a variety of finishes. This is a service that many of the local gents like to avail themselves of on a regular basis.

On top of that, dinner dates are very popular with airline pilots. Flying around the world may sound like a really exciting jobs but Croydon escorts now know that it can be very lonely as well. When the chaps come home, they like nothing better than a nice meal and a good chat. This is why so many of the gents in the area enjoy asking their favorite hot babes out for dinner dates. Of course, Indian meals are very popular but there are also healthier options such as Sushi.

A boss from one of the leading Croydon escorts agencies, says that he has noticed a sharp increase in dates after a lot of more senior singletons moved into the area. These gents are not after extra marital affairs, or even forming new relationships. Most of them he says just like some companionship and this is what they get from the local girls at our escorts agencies. They are quite often rather lonely and do not want to be alone on a Friday and Saturday night. The weekends are the busiest time at the agency, so I always have to make sure that I have plenty of nice ladies available for our local gents, he says.

Basildon Escorts

Have you ever left an escort and not felt totally satisfied? It has happened to me on a few occasions, and I have never gone back to the same escorts. The problem is that it always seem to have happened when I dated high end escorts, and paid an high hourly rate. That has made it even worse.

I live in Basildon, and up until now we have not had any quality escorts agencies in this part of town. However, two top class Basildon escorts agencies have just opened, and they have some beautiful Basildon escorts who really know what they are doing. I am so glad that I can finally use some local Basildon escorts services, instead of going all the way into town.

Another is that the hourly rates are lower with Basildon escorts, and that means that you can arrange a date for two hours instead of the standard one hour. Meeting up with Basildon escorts is a real pleasure, and I think I will give up on the rest.


Gina is one of my top finds here in leafy Basildon. She is the most delightful 20 year old girl. A natural blonde, Gina seems to be experienced beyond her years, and loves to have fun on a more adult basis with her visitors. She provides outcalls all over the Basildon area, but she also has the most wonderful boudoir that you can visit to enjoy her company.

I often do an incall with Gina at the end of the week. Friday evening is my own personal time and instead of going out for a drink with the boys, I date Gina. The two of us both like to make Friday night special, and it virtually means throwing away the key. I buy a nice bottle of wine, treat her to some chocolates and we spend some sensual time together looked away in her boudoir.

She loves to be with me and I just love to be with her. It is nothing serious – we touch and play- and just enjoy each other company until the wine is gone and the chocolates are finished. She is like a little smooth kitten that purrs by my side for a few hours, and that is what I really like about Gina.

There are some escorts that you can get enough of, but I don’t feel that way about Gina at all. The more I see of her, the more often I want to be with her and she can drive me insane. In many ways Gina has taken over my life, and now I dream about TRULY being with Gina in every little way.

Her smile and many other amazing assets have won me over. When I am with her I am completely in her spell, and I can’t help from coming to her time and time again. I might be crazy but if I am crazy about Gina. I think it is alright.

I have some really interesting dreams about Gina when I am away from her, and she never seems to be far from my mind.

Dating escorts in London

If this is your first visit as a solo gent to London, you may want to consider arranging a date with a couple of London escorts from especially for your visit. You will find London escorts services second to none, and all of the ladies are very sexy and happy to show you a good time. The escorts business in London has been around for a very long time, and you will find what ever you are looking for here. If you are looking for a party girl service, you will be able to find that, and if you are looking for elite London escorts services, they are available as well.

Arranging dates

London Escorts

Girls from London Escort are great

Arranging dates in London is easy, and there are many different ways in which you can arrange dates with London hot babes. A lot of local gents like to use the phone to arrange dates with their favorite sexy London companions, however, this may not be convenient if you are coming in from abroad. The majority of the agencies are very progressive and you will find that a lot of the arrangements can be made on line. Just send an email to the agency, and they will get back to you with some hot ideas.


Many of the better agencies have web sites as well and you can take a look at some of hot London escorts that are available for your pleasure. On the web sites you will find several photos of the girls as long with a short biography that tells you a little bit about the girl. Knowing a lady’s vital statistics is important to many gents and that is why so many agencies do state them. Of course, it is nice to have a look at the girl who you are going to be meeting to make sure that she is the right grade of “hot” for your needs and desires.

Telephone Bookings

You can also make your arrangements by telephone. All of the staff at the agencies are very good and will be able to help you with arranging your date. The girls will ask you if you would like to date a hot brunette or a sexy blonde. On top of that they will also ask you of you prefer a small or a large bust, and if you have any special services in mind. The terms of the date will be explained to you, and you will also be able to decide if you would like to enjoy an incall or outcall.

There are many London escorts agencies spread all over London, and which ever part of London you stay in, you are bound to find an agency. There is absolutely no need to stay in London on your own and feel lonely. Just remember that summer time is a very busy time for dating London escort, and you may want to make your arrangements in plenty of time to make sure that you can date the London escort of your dream. Blondes and brunettes… they are all their waiting to wrap their legs around you.

Dating escorts in Berkshire

Many international business men visit Berkshire to do business, but an equal amount of business travelers visit berkshire to go out on dates with Berkshire escorts particularly the sexy one from Here at the Better Sex offices we were wondering why so many business travelers and business men fly into London just to date London escorts.

We sent out our reporter Tittiana Nilsson to find out why so many business men from all over the world enjoy dating London escorts. Tittiana discreetly interviewed a few, and here is what they had to say:

Tariq from Dubai:

I love dating escorts in Berkshire just because they are so much fun to be with. This city offers so many pleasures that I just love spending time here. It is a lot colder than Dubai but the girls are a lot more warm hearted.

Whenever I am in London I just love visiting with my favorite girls to take them shopping or treat them right, Quite often we also go out to the theater, and many of the escorts I date also enjoy the opera.

I have my own apartment here so it is easy for me to entertain my dates. My chef is happy to prepare meals for the ladies, and sometimes we have just as much fun staying indoors watching movies. Living in London is very easy for me, and I also escape the terrible heat of Dubai. In the summer it is so hot that I find it difficult to cope. Normally at the beginning of June I leave Dubai, and come to London.

Sam from New York:

I love dating London escorts because they are such classy ladies. When I am in New York I date escorts as well but they always seem to be in such a rush. London escorts have more time for you, and they are a lot more considerate as well. It is like having a lot of friends in one place.

We go out for dinners and always try to catch the latest movies. I also find that the range of services the girls offer are better as well. There is more of a variety, and I feel I have more freedom of choice.

The girls also come from allover the world, and it is only in London I have been able to date many different nationalities. London does have a strong international feel, and I love all the different cuisines and lifestyles which seem to have found their way here.

On top of that, I enjoy the London parks. On a lovely summer’s day there is nothing better than relaxing with a sexy companion on a picnic blanket.

It was really nice of the guys to give us their time and tell us why they enjoy dating escorts in London. Many men do come to London for the specific purposes of dating London escorts, and a lot of them do talk about how friendly the girls are. They also seem to appreciate the cultural diversity, and all the different services which London escorts offer.

How free porn contributes billions a year

How do the porn sites contribute to the billions the industry makes every year is a question that remains surprising for many. It is not a simple task to determine. This would require the clear picture of financial reports from every entity that creates and distributes porn across the internet world. Since no specific information is available in this regard, we need to rely on the sources that provide us the statistics.

Analogue porn

Before the inception of internet, porn was all about foil-wrapped magazines. You would find those in places with plain-fronted shops. Many times you may get these from news agents. Apart from that people got to see porn movies through satellite channels. This was completely private. The show used to start at around 10 pm in the night.

To satisfy their curiosity about porn people would hire london escorts to enlighten them about the subject. Secrecy was all around. You could trust escorts in London with your secret obsession with porn. Now you could legitimately search on line for escorts in London and hire them for company to discuss whatever subject you wanted with the confidence that your conversation was confidential. London Escorts agencies run their business online.

Porn found its first home

Porn spread over the internet platform through bulletin board systems and usenet. Bulletin board system is a text based system and usenet is a platform that allows you to share the porn images. There were a lot of restrictions in terms of file size, coding and decoding.

Commercial porn distribution

The first home for porn allowed sharing of porn through internet for the first time in history. It involved a payment gateway and verification procedure to access porn that was available on the internet.

porn is easy and free to watch these days

porn is easy and free to watch these days

Porn through technology

Online commerce put a big impact on the adult entertainment industry. Many adult entertainment websites such as other escorts in London and some porn sites were allowed to start distributing wares across the internet. The websites demanded pay per view as compared previous ones. If you want to access london escorts services today, you have to spend some amount of money on those.

Money processing

Electronic card payment system has paved the way for profits in the porn and London escorts industry. The desire for porn can put you in haste to purchase the porn videos that are available online. This can be the much needed impetus for the porn industry.

Surprising statistics

Some of the statistics show that porn industries today stand at $97 billion in a year. The US porn industry stands at $13 billion a year. Previously people used to buy porn DVDs for satiating their porn needs. These days’ people can easily watch porn online. Most adult entertainment or companionship can easily be found on line with little effort made by the buyer to search or book London escorts.