Why cannot find the right girl for me?

Since I moved to the UK, I am having a hard time finding the right girl for me. I work in this bank in the City of London, and the girls simply do not seem to have the time to date. Back in New York, girls were always looking for dates, but here in London, things seem to be very different. The girls I keep on meeting are very professional, and for some reason, they don’t even flirt at work. In short, I don’t find them very friendly.

I started to feel a bit lonely after a while, and when I was at my lowest point, I looked up escorts in London. It did not take me very long to come across Acton escorts services, and picking up the phone to set up a date with one of the girls, was even easier. Dating escorts in New York is very in, and I was glad to have found Acton escorts. To be honest, I think that they are everything a modern day guy could wish for here in London.

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However, when I told a couple of my work colleagues about Acton escorts, I was really surprised to find they were a bit shocked. It seemed that most of them had not ever dated escorts, and did not think I that dating escorts was the sort of thing you should do when you work in a bank in the City of London. The attitude to escort services here in the UK is a bit different from the States, and I cannot see what the big deal is to be honest. When I worked in New York, everyone were into dating escorts.

You would have thought that a London girl would like to go out with an American guy living in London. I actually think that a lot of English guys that I have met are rather boring, but so are the girls, so I guess British people like to be boring together. It strikes me as Brits don’t have as much fun as Americans do, and that you take life that little bit more seriously. Fortunately, the hot girls at Acton escorts don’t think about life that way, and they seem to enjoy having at least a little bit of fun.

When I was younger, I had always dreamed about coming to Britain and dating English girls, but for some reason, they don’t like me and I am not sure that I like them. I am glad that I have come across the hot babes at Acton escorts. To my surprise, I have found myself mainly dating foreign girls at the escort agency. The Polish girls are the hottest, and in general, I do find that it is the girls who are not English, who make the best escorts. So, if you are looking for a little bit of fun in London, perhaps you should check out some of the escort services you can find in London.